The Sparking Change Toronto program connects equity-seeking community groups with training, networks, seed funding and coaching to transform their parks into engines of community development.

We do this by:

  • Fostering a thriving Sparking Change Network; a robust network of community park groups, park friends groups, community leaders, local community organizations who have been part of the program’s nine-year history,
  • Building the capacity of park group leaders by providing access to training, coaching and local networks.
  • Contributing microgrants to catalyze parks in equity-seeking communities.
  • Establishing community partnerships that link organizations together to transform parks into community hubs.


Generously Supported by The Balsam Foundation, The Howard and Diane Taylor Family Fund, The John and Marian Taylor Fund with additional support from:

City of Toronto
Mohari Hospitality
TD Ready Commitment
Mrs. Meyers