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Rewilding the City: Solutions for Urban Biodiversity

Cornerstone Program
Hosted: décembre 7, 2023

In the face of climate change, what nature-based solutions are cities implementing to support their resilience and biodiversity? Last December in Montreal, COP15 (the United Nations Biodiversity Conference) ended with a landmark agreement to guide global climate action through 2030. This agreement created several ambitious targets, including one (Target 12) which focused on increasing green and blue spaces in cities. 

One year after COP15, this webinar brings together academics, NGOs, and other change-makers to address how their work contributes to biodiversity targets and discuss why biodiversity is so critical to a sustainable future.

In this moderated discussion, experts explore how different sectors are currently working to meet shared urban biodiversity goals and how we can all work differently –or more collaboratively– in the future. By exploring on-the-ground work across Canadian cities, experts demonstrate the multiple tools and ways we can all contribute to this urgent call to action. 

In this webinar, we expand our understanding of biodiversity and re-imagine cities as critical spaces for collaboratively enhancing it. 

The webinar is in English; however, simultaneous French translation is available.

This webinar is generously supported by an anonymous donor, the Hilary and Galen Weston Foundation and

TD Ready Commitment
Parks Canada